Electrical Distribution Services

Electrical Distribution Systems In New York & The Surrounding Areas

An electrical distribution system is a series of electrical circuits that deliver power in proportion to the size of the building. Our goal is to provide power in the most economic and safest manner possible, and RJSECC electricians are experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical distribution systems. 

When we install an electrical distribution system, we provide clients with a recommended timeline of maintenance services to avoid any damages to the system that could naturally occur over time. If we discover any issues during routine maintenance, we’ll work quickly to repair the system. 

Electrical Distribution System Installation

RJS Electrical Contractors specializes in designing and installing power distribution systems that exceed the needs and expectations of commercial and industrial plants and job sites. Our years of experience also allow us to provide electric usage analysis, which can give you insight into the type of distribution system your business really needs. Electrical distribution systems can be costly, so keeping prices down as low as possible for our clients is our goal. Aside from savings during installation, our electric usage analysis will provide you with the best way to receive energy savings when using the power that your business requires to operate.

One of the most useful applications for electrical distribution systems is providing power to new construction sites that are in more remote areas with little to no access to electrical power. Electrical distribution systems are critical in this case, as access to power tools is limited without a reliable source of electricity. There are a number of electrical distribution systems that can be used in the case of new construction sites, and the extent of the power that is required makes all the difference. Curious to know what electrical distribution system is right for your project? Give us a call at (347) 889-5000.

Electrical Distribution System Maintenance And Repair

Like all other electrical systems, electrical distribution systems require routine maintenance to operate as efficiently as possible. When RJS Electrical Contractors installs an electrical distribution system, we provide clients with a recommended timeline of maintenance services to avoid any damages to the system that could occur due to the passing of time. Additionally, if we do discover that there is an issue with the system, we’ll work quickly to repair the issue to avoid any potential downtime that could be a result of issues with the system. Ensuring that your business’s operations are always fully functional is our number one goal when maintaining and repair electrical distribution systems in New York City.

Our electrical distribution services include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance 
  • Repair
  • Temporary Lighting
  • Service Feeders 
  • Switchgear Disbursement to Branch Circuit Distribution Panels
  • Electric Usage Analysis

Let RJS Electrical Contractors Help You.

Power distribution can be implemented in either the high or low voltage three-phase or single-phase power supply. For an assessment of your commercial electrical distribution needs in the Greater New York City Area, visit us online or give us a call at (347) 889-5000.