About RJS Electrical Contracting Corp.

Our professionals at RJS Electrical Contracting Corp. offer customers quality service rooted in tradition. Located in New York, RJSECC specializes in commercial and residential electrical systems. We provide end-to-end electrical, communications, networking, and fire alarm systems services. In addition, our skilled team helps to value engineer projects and maintain integrity throughout the process. Our electricians possess expert knowledge of NYC codes and standards. At RJSECC, we prioritize safety and efficiency, with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Story

In 2018, NYC Master Electrician and founder Ronald J. Scimone established RJSECC, building upon his family legacy of honest and dependable service. Scimones father, a staple in the industry, built his trade through years of dedication and learned firsthand experience. As an industry leader and role model, Scimones father instilled in his son the necessary values, and work ethic, required to bring this business into the 21st Century.

In turn, Ronald got his start as an Electrical Helper and utilized his on-the-job industry knowledge to receive an engineering degree from Rutgers University.  Now, an established Master Electrician with over 10 years of field experience, he contributes his strong work ethic and integrity to the guidance of his esteemed father.

Scimones father has shaped generations of hardworking and experienced electricians, laying the groundwork for Ronald to bring his family’s vision to fruition. RJSECC is a company with traditional values and modern expertise deeply engrained within the electrical industry.

Vision & Mission

Our vision in starting the company was to offer outstanding electrical service and cultivate enduring customer relationships. It is our mission to provide customers with excellent workmanship from conception to completion of a project.

Our understanding of our customers’ needs is paramount to success, and we prioritize open, honest communication. Whether the job is large or small, our professionals aim to exceed customer expectations. We work one-on-one with customers to develop the scope of projects.

The RJSECC reputation is based on service, safety, and quality, and we pledge to uphold the highest standard code of ethics.