Electrical Build Services

Electrical Build Services In New York City

Construction managers have a lot on their plate when it comes to a new build project—from sketching blueprints to finding the right contractors for the job. Figuring out how electrical components like cabling and outlets will work into a building project is no longer an issue for construction professionals thanks to RJS Electrical Contracting Corp.’s build services in the Greater New York City Area.

Electrical Build Assist Services

We offer assistance to architects and builders during complex projects. Planning and teamwork are important components to successfully accomplishing any project or job, and our electricians ensure an experienced approach. RJSECC build assist allows you to review build schedules and overlapping work, which can help with competitive budgeting. Our knowledgeable team explains the process and risks, offering insight into “the gray area” of any project.

When a construction project is underway, professionals consider many things to help the project run smoothly, such as location of outlets, cabling, other electrical systems, and possible future changes. Our electricians create a custom plan of action, and as part of our build assist services, we:

  • Help with the design of the electrical layout based on your existing blueprints. 
  • Manage and take responsibility for jobs working with cables and electrical devices. 
  • Assess, source, order, and sort materials needed.
  • Expand the construction team’s knowledge and provide resources. 
  • Offer a flexible and cost-efficient approach to the project. 
  • Provide experienced, fresh eyes to oversee the project/build. 
  • Remain involved in all areas of the project.
  • Design layouts and formats of electrical rooms and electrical panels.

RJSECC electricians are experts on New York City building codes, and we design the most cost-effective and efficient electrical infrastructure possible. We keep our electrical design services flexible. If there are any changes during the construction project, our team will work quickly to reflect those changes within our own electrical design documents. 

We work to keep the costs as low as possible, regardless of the electrical design and build project’s complexity. Our team of experienced electrical contractors will work with your architects and builders to make the project go as smoothly as possible. 

Building Systems

Building systems and their subsystems, equipment, and components are all intricate parts of the functions and operational goals of a structure. We value quality and use top of the line components to build electrical systems. We work directly with architects and builders to run cables and install electrical devices for building projects. 

Our professionals install all operational requirements for a building, including:

  • Switchgears 
  • Transformers 
  • Lighting and Control
  • Lightning Protection and Grounding

At RJSECC, we source, order, and sort required electrical construction materials to provide our clients with a cost-effective electrical build service.

RJS Electrical Contractors Is Trying To Make Their Mark In NYC.

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